Contributor Guidelines

ProductHub, a Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) Blog, is intended to create a dialogue among product professionals, both in the Greater Boston area we serve and beyond. Our mission is to source content from BPMA members and industry practitioners on topics and themes that matter to the product professional community. Please note that all contributed content is subject to editing, including headlines, style and substance, links and artwork.

No Promotional Content

The BPMA does not endorse any brands, products or services. Any mention of brands, products, external content, or services in this blog does not constitute endorsement from the BPMA.

Submitting Contributed Content

We are always looking for great content that engages and inspires product professionals. Although we actively solicit contributions from the BPMA community, you do not need to be a member to contribute. Some subjects to consider include (but are not limited to): Product Strategy, Product Marketing, Technical Product Management, UX Design, Tools & Techniques, Launch Readiness, Leadership & Management, and Technologies & Trends. Please feel free to explore those topics to see what we’ve covered and the voices that make up our blog contributor community.

Details for Submission:

  • Please keep length between 300 – 1,000 words.
  • Please include a short bio and headshot along with your content in a Microsoft Word or Google document
  • Our editor will also proofread every submission for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Please note that editorial issues that impact the clarity of your writing may require additional revision on your part to ensure that the intended message of your contribution is preserved.


  • Screenshots need to be attributed. For example: Screenshot taken xx/xx/xxxx of
  • We include images with every post on ProductHub, so stock photography chosen by our team or a variation of our logo will be posted with your entry, unless you have a particular image you wish to use and:
    • You have purchased royalty-free stock photography specifically for ProductHub to use with your post.


    • You own the rights to the image you wish to use and consent to allow ProductHub to use this image with your post.

Link Policy:

  • Links in your post should be relevant to the story you’re telling and provide context to your audience. When referring to another article or piece of research, please use proper citation or link to the source material.
  • Please include links in parenthesis next to the word you’d like hyperlinked (do not embed the links yourself).
  • You may link to your own content, but please be clear about this in your article, as well as if you have a relationship to the content creator or host, whether it’s your own or a client’s. For example: “My case study features Microsoft, a client of mine.”
  • Please do not include promotional call to actions in your post or bio. “Like my content? Visit my blog!” You may, however, provide relevant links in your bio to personal sites or content as points of fact that represent your professional persona, eg: “John Doe is the author of [whitepaper] and manages [blog].”
  • The BPMA editorial team reserves the right to eliminate any links that we deem inappropriate or in violation of the above.
  • We reserve the right to edit your blog contribution to link to posts on related topics, BPMA content and events, or other BPMA material.


If your content is not original to our site, please let us know up front where the blog post has also appeared.

We reserve the right to use any and all contributed content, with credit to any authors, in its entirety or in portions for promotional purposes, including in social media, other blogs, or newsletters.

Where to Submit:

Once you’ve read everything on this page, feel free to contact or send your contribution to our editor, Jeff Segarra.  Please also feel free to submit questions on the above to the same email address.

Once your submission has been reviewed you will be notified if and /or when it will be published.

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