About ProductHub

Want to be a better product management professional and help others do the same? You’re in the right place. Welcome to ProductHub, a member contributed blog brought to you by the Boston Product Management Association. From design to distribution, launch to leadership, we know that today’s product professional has to bring breadth and depth to the table. Which is why we tap into Boston’s experienced product community – and beyond – to bring fresh insight from smart Product Managers and Marketers like you.

What sort of insight will you find here?

We pull directly from the BPMA community’s preferences and make-up. You’ll see contributions for early career, experienced managers, and everything in between, plus learnings from Boston’s thriving start-up scene and established organizations alike. And, like any good product managers, we started this project talking to prospective users. A recent BPMA survey helped us identify the topics you care most about, including:

  •  Product Strategy
  •  Product Marketing
  •  Technical Management
  •  UX Design
  •  Tools & Techniques
  •  Launch Readiness
  •  Leadership & Management
  •  Technologies & Trends

The job of a Product Manager (or Marketer!) isn’t simple – but ProductLab’s mission is. We enhance the professional development of product management and product marketing professionals through our content. If you haven’t already, we invite you to start exploring and contributing today.


The ProductHub Team.

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