Workshop: How to get the most out of user interviews

A Hands-on Event on June 14th, 2017

– By Garima Painuly – As product managers, we know we should obsess over our customers. Depending on your organization, you may be working with a robust user research team or you may be on your own, finding & conducting interviews to uncover needs and ideas that might delight.

But how can we ensure that we’re getting the most out of the time we spend with users? In June, Boston Women in Product will host a workshop on conducting user interviews, led by Kevin Chang, a product designer at Pivotal Labs. To give you a sneak peek at the content, here are a few tips from Kevin and other Boston-area product professionals:

  • Craft an interview story as part of your pre-interview preparation. Take the opportunity to clarify your research goals and develop a loose script or flow.
  • Set the stage. Take a breath and explain who you are, what you’re researching, and why the participant is there.
  • Ask specific and open-ended questions. Avoid leading questions and target your interview questions around topics and themes to keep the discussion focused.
  • Keep it concise. An interview will typically last no more than an hour and most of that time you should be listening. Ensure that your script doesn’t run more than 10-15 minutes so that your users will have plenty of time to talk.
  • When in doubt, use the 5 why’s. If you’re new to interviewing users, asking “Why?” several times is a great place to start.

To learn more, join us for a hands-on workshop on Conducting User Interviews at Pivotal Labs in Cambridge (June 14th, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM).

Garima PainulyGarima Painuly is a B2B SaaS Product Manager at PowerAdvocate in downtown Boston. She wears many hats at PowerAdvocate, including serving as a product owner for a software development scrum team, a subject matter expert on the energy industry, helping the sales team as a product expert, and helping drive customer adoption. She is also involved with user experience design and product marketing. Originally from India and Denmark, she moved to Boston to start a career in engineering. Prior to product management, she worked as an engineer and then an analyst. Garima has an M.S. in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University. Her sweet spot is product, design, and data analytics. In her free time, she enjoys travel, food, and being involved with the Boston product community.  

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