Product roadmap essentials

By Boston Women in Product


The product roadmap frames every task and is the lifeblood of delivering a successful product. Boston Women in Product has been considering the importance of mastering the product roadmap as a critical responsibility of the product manager. Imagine if you could engage industry experts in an informative dialog to gain valuable insights in helping you craft and master your own roadmaps.

Such an event is coming to Boston. Here is what some of your peers have to say on the subject:

Cait Porte, VP of Product at Zmags

For me, the product roadmap is the most essential tool for a product manager.  It highlights both near term and long term vision to the business.  A critical component of the roadmap is the communication that comes along with it.  In my current role, I make sure that everyone understands how prioritization decisions get made, that way we come to commitment (not consensus).

Emera Trujillo, Sr. Product Manager at Visible Measures

A roadmap is fuel to the fire in our bellies.  It outlines a path forward through the chaos; provides direction on how to make it from point A to point B; inspires a team to dream much bigger than they’ve ever dreamt before.  As a product manager, building a roadmap should get you out of the weeds and force you to think critically about the long term success of the product and company.

Vanessa Ferranto, Sr. Manager, Product and Experience at Zipcar

Your roadmap should be viewed as a living, breathing tool that provides insight, alignment and direction for the company.  What you know today may change tomorrow – and that’s ok.  As a product manager, you should be continuously evaluating what your near-term priorities are to ensure they are the building blocks towards achieving the objectives of your company’s long-term vision.

Boston Women in Product is hosting “Product Roadmaps: A Roundtable Discussion” at the corporate headquarters of Wayfair at 4 Copley Place in Boston from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM to discuss creating product roadmaps and aligning them with business objectives. Experts will discuss topics ranging from suggested roadmap templates to involving customers in your feedback process.

Our discussion facilitators are:

Come and meet them to learn more about why roadmapping is crucial to product success by registering for the event here:

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