Opportunity Makers: How can mentorship open doors?


Have you found yourself striving to “know everything,” driven by the belief that doing so will open doors to the senior title, the c-level, the major business breakthrough? Good for you! Now focus that energy from “knowing everything” to knowing the right things. Write 3 specific steps down that will get you from here to where you want to be.

  1. How specific are you able to be?
  2. How sure are you of your assumptions and where did they come from?
  3. Who is holding you to these steps?

Richard Snowden works at the top with c-suite executives on the heart of what grows businesses: the strategic thinking and the organizational coaching that achieves growth. During his workshop with the BPMA’s Mentorship roundtable he shared an important view from the top. “Doing the right things right is key and most CEO’s state that only 35% of their organization’s efforts are spent on that versus doing the right things wrong, the wrong things wrong or the wrong things right!”

“If you want make a breakthrough in your career it means knowing where to play, what to do and how to win. That’s strategy, plain and simple.” The right people around you – be them older, younger, orange, blue – can all provide perspective on what “the right things to do are” that will get you from here to there in your career. Having collaborators be an alley in your progress is what the BPMA’s mentorship program is all about.

Most of us have a hard time pulling together a diverse enough network on our own to gather perspective. After all, humans can only comfortably maintain so many stable relationships (150 according to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar)! The BPMA can help. We have a network of over 5,000 product and marketing professionals from all industries. Whether you are fresh new talent in product development and marketing or a seasoned executive, we encourage you to do away with labels of mentor or mentee and find opportunity in either seat.

Join BPMA Mentorship today!

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