Need a Mentor? (or Mentee?) Look Here!

2980385784_9f2f7eb0cb_zContributed by Safiyyah Khan 

The BPMA mentorship program is a hidden gem of a resource for product management professionals. We’re talking about having a successful, senior level mentor committing 6 months to guiding their mentee through developing their  careers.  We’d challenge you to find such an objective resource dedicated to product professionals anywhere.

Mentees come to the program looking to further advance their career, hone in on career paths, develop their skills, network and find proven ways to manage and market products.  For mentors in the program, they know they are poised to make a real impact in the future success of their mentees and they enjoy paying it forward.

We recently chatted with an alumnus of the Gregg Ayres about his experience as a mentee.

Q: Tell our readers a bit about yourself?
A: I am a product innovation manager in a software-driven company in the healthcare industry.  I am a product guy – passionate about great products and the difference they make for our customers.

Q: How did the program impact you?
A: Although I have formal training in product management concepts, my mentor enabled me to take my skills to the next level by sharing her broad professional experience on a wide range of issues. I really appreciated the fact that my mentor had deep experience not only in product management but also in business functions like strategy and corporate development.

I think my mentorship experience has only made me a more confident and thoughtful product professional. I think it has boosted my overall performance and helped crystalize my career goals.

Q: Did you meet your mentor in person or remotely?
A: I interacted with my mentor through a few in-person meetings and monthly phone conversations.

Q: Any other thoughts?
A: I consider my mentorship experience to be the highlight of my year!  My mentor was always very accommodating and insightful.

Learn More about Mentorship and the BPMA’s Program

Want to read more on what a mentor could mean for your career? We recommend this post on the value of mentorship from past contributor Sarela Blimen-Cohen.

The next round of mentorship assignments will be in the fall. All levels of  product management and product marketing professionals are welcome. Ready to sign up? Visit the following resources:

headshot 2An alumnus of the BPMA mentorship program, Safiyyah Khan revels in using product powers for social good.  She is Product Marketing Lead at CSG (Conservation Services Group) and co-founder of Green Piñata Toy Share.



Image from Flickr commons: Marc Wathieu.

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